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The best journey in life is the journey to your better self. Let us help you transform into a healthier version of yourself mentally, physically,  emotionally, & intuitively. Rather than focus on diseases, we promote wellness, vitality, & healing through integrative personalized health care.


We treat Depression, Bipolar, PTSD, Anxiety, ADHD,  Insomnia, 

Nutrition & Weight Management

We focus on building Confidence while overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Relationship Problems & Stress

Queens Weight & Wellness is where your




Customized nutritional Management

Do you struggle with losing weight or keeping weight off?

Do you struggle with not knowing what to Eat?

Do you just want to improve your nutrition? 

Our Integrative Nutritional Management plans helps women who have had failed attempts to lose weight after previously trying numerous weight loss supplements and/or programs. 

It’s time to lose the weight you’ve been trying so hard to shed—no more yo-yo dieting traps, regaining lost weight, and feeling like there’s no hope.

mental & Emotional management

Are you feeling overwhelmed or Stress?


Do you have trouble sleeping or low energy?


Have you lost interest in things you use to enjoy?


Do you have mood changes? 

Trouble concentrating or staying focus?

Issues with family and friends?

Past Trauma?

Are you going through a life transition?

Are you ready to improve your quality of life? 

Queens Weight & Wellness will assist you with managing your mental health.


Do you have a dream or personal goals you want to achieve?

Perhaps you’ve wanted to write a book, purchase your forever home, lose weight, quit sugar,  master something before a milestone birthday,  start your own side gig or make a big life change. Or maybe your wondering

 ‘what’s next for me?’.

Receive support, inspiration and motivation from a community of like minded people. 

HER POWER CIRCLE only launches once a year,  so if you're interested in securing a spot, join the waitlist and receive exclusive information and promotions. 

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April 2022
Seats are limited

human design body graph chart 

​Do you know you are here for a reason and that there is work that you came here to do?

Do you have the desire to know yourself on a deeper level?

Do you want to learn how to make the right decisions from moment to moment?


The Human Design can help you 

discover your authentic self and what customized strategies you need for success in your relationships, career, and life purpose.


You’ll learn about the energy you give and receive and how this affects your mood, personality, your decision-making process and which environments are most supportive for you.


what sets us apart


Queens Weight & Wellness offers over 15 nutritional scientifically proven nutritional therapy plans to match your unique needs, cutting-edge medications,  professional-grade dietary supplements, customized prescription exercise regimen, and coaching, or psychotherapy for total mind-body optimization.  


Is your mind, emotions, body, or health like everyone else? Absolutely Not!

Your body is not built like every woman, so why have a treatment plan like everyone else.

We design an integrative wellness plan that's tailored specifically for your unique and individual needs.  

Queens Weight & Wellness creates personalized wellness plans based on your uniqueness in order to receive optimal results. 

We focus on total body transformation.


You don't have to leave your convenient! 

Consultations are provided with your provider virtually or over the phone.  Have everything you need to succeed delivered right to your doorsteps. 

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