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180° Mind-Body 
Intensive Transformational coaching



*Weight Loss 
*Growth Mindset 

* Increase Endurance
*Reduce Incidence of Diseases
*Reduce Sugar (glucose)
*Reduce or Prevent Medication Prescriptions

This is a  90-day intensive advanced transformational coaching program that assists you in achieving your goals of improving your quality of life.

  1. Learn how to overcome imposter syndrome

  2. Receive clarity on your wellness goals

  3. Set goals that motivate and inspire you

  4. Learn how to increase your energy

  5. Have the accountability needed in-between sessions to keep you on track

  6. Learn what you should eat for your unique body and long-lasting results

  7. Develop a positive mindset by learning to develop a growth mindset towards your goals. You will go from ‘I can’t do it’ to ‘I can do it’.

  8.  Improve your mental and physical health as it relates to weight management

  9. Have a consistent focus over a 90-day period.

  10. Help and guidance at every step


During your initial consultation, we will establish a  partnership, uncover the challenges you're experiencing and discuss what's not going well.  Next, we will explore the goals you want to accomplish and unveil potential obstacles that might get in the way.​


 90-Day Intensive 
Transformational Coaching Investment 

  1. Priority Scheduled Appointments

  2. (1) 60 min  One-on-One  Weightloss  Strategy Call 

  3. (11) 45-60 min One-on-One  Weekly Advanced  Coaching Sessions   

  4. Monthly Immune-Support Supplements 

  5. Body Detox  or Cleanse

  6.  Daily Journal pdf 

  7. Customized Exercise Fitness Plan  

  8. Fitness Counseling 

  9. Nutritional Counseling 

  10. Unlimited Ongoing Support (via text or email)

  11. Monthly Self-Care Newsletter  

  12. Exclusive VIP Promotions and Discounts 

Our goal is not to just assist you in losing weight, but also to help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be 90 days from now. 

Other services and products are available to assist on your weight loss journey...

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Personalized Nutritional Therapy Plans 

Nutritional Supplements

Prescription Weight Loss Program

Meal Planning 

Nutritional Testing

Metabolism Boosters


90-Day challenges

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