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What Our Clients Are Saying


Michigan City, IN. 
Business Owner,  Director of Nursing

My life coach was  so inspirational. She encouraged me to continue my education. Now I am excited about my future career and I contribute it to Mrs. Davis’ motivation talks. She asks relevant questions and provides a non-biased opinion.

I trust her opinion. She has shown me the hidden potential that I have. I appreciate her honesty


Sherman, TX.

Kenisha has it all, from conventional training to holistic training and everything in between. She has a gift for coaching, and the knowledge and education to back it up. Awesome to work with!


Monterey, CA.
Business Owner,

Working with my health coach was the breath of fresh air I have needed in my life. I feel I can tackle the world and succeed. Finally, I am able to focus on myself, my health, and my dreams. It feels possible to do it all!


Chakika W.
Orland Park, IL. 
business Owner,  Certified Injector  

My life is more balanced despite all my many endeavors- my productivity has dramatically increased. I’m managing my graduated program, my multi-businesses, and my overall life. I have more confidence. I’m back to my “before kids” weight and have lost over 25lbs in 90 days.

First off let me say thank you Kenisha for all of your help. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kenisha Davis while trying to figure out my personal finances. I say collaborating because that is what it felt like. Its didn’t seem like a me problem but a us problem. Kenisha was warm, understanding and compassionate. She was extremely knowledgeable on the topic and helped me figure out how to help myself get in a better position. She offered multiple suggestions, courses and books that I have utilized to get myself into a better financial position. Her help with my finances has also helped me in multiple areas of my life. She helped me realize that my financial concerns affected all aspects of my life and she was personally helping me with those areas as well. I plan to use Kenisha again in the near future and will highly recommend.

Germaine H., 45 yr old
Oak Forest, IL. 
Business Owner & Certified Injector

KENISHA has been my life coach off and on for almost 7 years. I initially started working with her as my health coach she helped me stay off medication that my doctor was consistently trying to push for. Because of her background she know all the tricks and ways to prevent diseases. I had such a wonderful experience I signed up again and we started working on my relationship with my girlfriend. That was a game changer for me, I learned a lot about myself, what I needed out of my relationship, how to communicate with a women, conflict resolution and honestly I learned how to become a better provider to my girlfriend Who is now my wife.

I worked with her on my career on a couple of occasions. The first time was when I got laid off after 12 year, and my wife was 8 month pregnant. Talk about fear of the unknown, I had not been on an interview in over 12 years. Kenisha worked with me on building my confidence and we actually had mock interviews (if you pass her interview, you will get any job). The second time I worked with her was when I wanted a raise but did not know how to go about it. I learned so much from her, I have been earning a raise every year since. She taught me skills and tools I can use the rest of my life. What I like about KENISHA is that she is genuine, smart and get results.

Derrick J., 48 yr old
Chicago, IL.
Customer Success Manager

What  Patients Are Saying

"Kenisha was wonderful! I was shaking with stress when I called and after our visit felt hopeful and excited to start my journey. Really positive experience!"

B.J., Parkland, WA.

"Kenisha Davis is amazing. She put me at ease when my anxiety was raging from a new situation. She made me feel like I was talking to a friend I’ve known for years."

T.W., Longview, AZ.

"Excellent service. Answered all my questions and just generally gave me the overall feeling she cared! Thanks again for your service in these times!"

M.H.,Gary, IN.

"It was a relief to get to schedule an appointment faster then seeing my pcp"

R.K., Olympia, WA

"I was beyond anxious, half the reason I came here. My visit was beyond what I expected and Dr. Kenosha Davis helped to make me feel so comfortable and understood. I very much look forward to starting my treatment and so thankful to be able to start."

J.W., Crestwood, il.

"Kenisha is a great provider and listens to my needs."

Y.K., Chandler, AZ.

"She is very kind and easy to talk to. I was nervous about having an appointment via the web and once it started, that totally went away. Great experience"

B.P., Downer Grove, IL.

"Kenisha is incredible! Even with my technical difficulties (my mic didn't want to work, at first), she problem solved with a phone call until it was resolved. She took the time to ask the important questions and truly listened to my responses in order to formulate the best course of treatment. After ending the call, I literally ran to my significant other and told them, "That felt good! I'm hopeful." If I could give my NP more stars, I would. She's phenomenal!"

C.W., Kokomo, IN.

"Kenisha was very kind and compassionate. She even made me laugh a few times! She made sure I knew the side effects as well as encouraged me not to give up if the first prescription doesn't work. I left the call feeling hopeful. Having someone in my corner like that not only makes me feel supported but like it'll be okay."

K.S., Valparaiso, IN.

"She really seemed to care about my journey to feeling better. So far I love her."

D.K., Seattle, WA

"I love Dr Davis . She is so easy to open up to and understand"

P.S., Kenwood, IL. 

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